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Flag of the Golden Guardians

Anthem: Glorious Domination, by CFO$


The Golden Guardians are lead by the Golden Commanders with assistance from the Golden Commissioners, and their rule is absolute. Golden Commanders appoint their own successors, and are responsible for training them, to keep the army running smooth. Should all other Commanders agree to remove one of their peers, it is legal to do so. Creators, should the need arise, can intervene and remove Commanders.


CAPITAL: Zipline (CPR)

Sleet (CPR)

Frostbite (CPATG)

Snow Avalanche (CPR)

Sub-Zero (CPATG)

Mammoth (CPR)

Fjord (CPATG)

Foreign Relations

Allies: Lime Green Army, People’s Imperial Confederation, Dark Bandits


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