Weekly Round-Up

Howdy, Golden Guardians!

I thought it would be a good idea to do a weekly round-up to show just how good we did throughout the week! Click Read More to find out just how we did!

Invasion of Snow Avalanche [UK,CPR]

We started our week with the Invasion of Snow Avalanche, where we went uncontested and won the server! We maxed 28!

snow avalanche

Invasion of Sub Zero [AUSIA,CPATG]

We followed up Snow Avalanche with our first AUSIA event, where we invaded the old Ice Warriors capital of Sub Zero. We again went uncontested, and maxed 24!

sub zero

Invasion of Mammoth [UK,CPR]

We then struck the heart of armies, where we once again went uncontested, and maxed 24!


Invasion of Fjord [UK,CPATG]

We followed up these victories with the Invasion of Fjord, the old Nacho capital, where we maxed 21!


Battle against Dark Bandits [UK,CPR]

We finished the week with a practice battle against the Dark Bandits, our allies! This event went extremely well, as we maxed 31, closing off the week.


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