Hall Of Fame

These are the leaders who were instrumental to the rise of the Golden Guardians army. Without them, the level of success would never have reached it’s height for GG. They shall be engraved in this Hall of Fame forever.


– Pjayo –


Mastermind of the Golden Guardians. As part of the “WV Quartet”, with Tymatt, Buddy, and Adden, Pjayo was approached by Tymatt to create a new army, and had plans to create GG before. Fantastic administrator, with a long history in WV, DCP, and DW. Direct component of the “Golden Explosion” where GG was able to pull 25, 33, and 30 in it’s first week of events ever. Also a professional hype-man.


– Buddy –


A longtime member of the community, Buddy is known for his time in the likes of the Water Vikings, Marines, and Pretzels. His expertise in Domestic relations along with the “merge” of the Marines were a huge contribution to the “Golden Explosion” that saw the Golden Guardians reach sizes of 30+ at their second event in history.  




From an “Aspiring young leader” to a talented, grizzled Veteran – Adden is well known to be one of the most loyal members of the community. He stuck with WV through thick & thin and worked his way up the ranks to achieve leader. His hard work in getting the Golden Guardians started did not go unnoticed, and his expert skills in dealing with troops helped get GG to Major status. Adden was a vital part of the “Golden Explosion”, which saw the army reach sizes of over 30 in just their second event.




The one who they said was going nowhere. It’s been a career with a lot of ups and down for Tymatt but he’s prevailed through everything that’s been put in his way. Tymatt was the one who approached Pjayo about creating the Golden Guardians. Without that happening who knows if all the great work that’s been put into the Golden Guardians would exist today. Not one for wanting accolades Tymatt humbly does accept this one because its the end to what has been one hell of a story. 


– THOMAS83514 


Once a loyal Nacho officer, Thomas83514 has created an army and also revived two armies in his career achieving success repeatedly. In partnership he was then involved in creating the Golden Guardians. Thomas finalised the plans to merge the Shadow Troops into Golden Guardians, making him a crucial piece of the “Golden Explosion” delivering sizes of 30 and rising the Golden Guardians into the top five armies on Club Penguin Army Media, after it’s third event.




Superhero123 – aka the AUSIA GOD – merged his army, the Warlord of Kosmos into the Golden Guardians and instantly saw a rise in the army. He set up and led the army’s first AUSIA event in which they hit sizes of 24. He is also the creator of CPA The Game, currently the only used CPPS for CP Armies in situations of war or battles. 



1) Pjayo

2) Tymatt

3) Buddy

4) Adden

5) Thomas83514

6) Superhero123

7) Tymatt (2)

Notable Troops







Polybius (EDGIEBOI6nin)






Honorary Mentions

– Revan/Totidile –


Revan graciously made free GFX for the Golden Guardians website and was known as GG’s “Sideline support”. Also well known for being “that guy who always leads with Buddy”, refuses to join chat under any circumstances

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