Speech Saturday #2

Welcome to Speech Saturday, every week I will be taking some answers from a Golden Guardian who has been active, attended events, also a soldier who has made a difference to the army since joining. This week I’m going to be talking to Specialist ‘dragons1234’ who joined two weeks ago. Here is what he had to say this week.

Thomas83514: What was your first impression of the Golden Guardians army within 5 minutes of joining the chat?

Dragons1234: Umm, when I joined the Golden Guardians I was happy because of the nice chat and event information. The players in this Discord are helpful and this was my first Discord. I really enjoy but on first day I did not know how this worked but with the passage of time I’m beginning to understand how it works, I really like it and recommend you join Golden Guardians!

Thomas83514: The Golden Guardians so far, have held several events. Which has been your favourite?

Dragons1234: I have enjoyed every event, they are all my favourite. My favourite tactic though is “Gold in my veins”

Thomas83514: How long have you been playing Club Penguin Rewritten?

Dragons1234: My penguin is 45 days old now?

Thomas83514: Easy one, what is your favourite Club Penguin game?

Dragons1234: I enjoy playing Card Jitsu Fire, in the Dojo. It’s luck based and usually I’m very lucky and I love beating the opponent.

Thomas83514: What is your favourite thing about the Golden Guardians?

Dragons1234: Everything I just love it, the bot, announcements and uniform. Love all of it.

Thomas83514: Anything else that you may like to add?

Dragons1234: From the bottom of my heart I love the Golden Guardians and I wish it gets bigger everyday, love to GG!!!!!

We can see that dragons1234 is really enjoying serving the Golden Guardians army, even after only two weeks in armies. I’d like to thank him for his time today to participate in the second Speech Saturday. I will be looking for an active member of the Golden Guardians next weekend for another interview, so remember to talk in the chat, come to our battles and YOU might just be the next troop we speak to.

-Thomas83514 – Golden Guardians Commander




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