Speech Saturday #1

Welcome to Speech Saturday, every week I will be taking some answers from a Golden Guardian who has been active, attended events, also a soldier who has made a difference to the army since joining. This week I’m going to be talking to EDGIEBOI6nin known as ‘P0LYB1US’ on Discord. Here is what he had to say this week.

Thomas83514: What was your first impression of the Golden Guardians army within 5 minutes of joining the chat?

P0LYB1US: I was quite unsure of how the whole Shadow Troops to Golden Guardians transition would turn out. I had only been in the Shadow Troops for around a little over a week so I knew some people alright. I mostly stayed with Golden Guardians because i had been in Shadow Troops for a week and was interested in the people there. My initial impressions of Golden Guardians from the chat were average but friendly, I didn’t know a lot of the people there since a lot of them were from Water Vikings. Even then I was not too familiar with everyone in Shadow Troops. However after the first event of Golden Guardians, I really felt I got to know everyone better and it showed to me that Golden Guardians had become something of a truly significant scale.

Thomas83514: The Golden Guardians so far, have held two events. Which one was your favourite?

P0LYB1US: I would probably say the second one. It lasted longer, we went to different areas, our size on average was larger and I felt more apart of the community. The first event was good but as a battle there was just too little people on the opposing side (the members of Metal Warriors fought well though).

Thomas83514: Where do you see yourself in this army in the coming weeks / months?

P0LYB1US: Due to this lockdown thing I think I will be very active throughout the weeks and months to come and probably even afterwards. I’m excited for the events, the future of the army and what will be in store for the Golden Guardians to come. For my position in the army I really don’t know and that’s all for the powers at be to decide.

Thomas83514: Easy one, what is your favourite Club Penguin game?

P0LYB1US: My favourite game is probably the Ice Fishing game, I have got many memories as a kid playing that game.

Thomas83514: What is your favourite thing about the Golden Guardians?

P0LYB1US: I like how active everyone is, everyone is talking and chatting away, it is never hard to join in with a conversation and people are quick to fill you in on the details of what has happened if you have been offline, (in short people are nice).

Thomas83514: Anything else that you may like to add?

P0LYB1US: Nope, that’s all. Thanks Thomas.

We can see that P0LYB1US is really settling in well to the Golden Guardians, even after only two weeks in armies. I’d like to thank him for his time today to participate in the first Speech Saturday. I will be looking for an active member of the Golden Guardians next weekend for another interview, so remember to talk in the chat, come to our battles and YOU might just be the next troop we speak to.

-Thomas83514 – Golden Guardians Commander


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